Which courses are included in the Fabulous Body Membership?

Which courses are included in the Fabulous Body Membership?

You'll get Full Access to ALL Our 25 Courses once you become our Member:

Holistic Certification:

Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification 

Specialty Certificates:

Certificate in Nutrition

Certificate in Diet Planning

Certificate in Gut Health: 

Certificate in Sports Nutrition

Certificate in Ketogenic Nutrition

Certificate in Dietary Supplements Nutrition

Certificate in Intermittent Fasting

Certificate in Yogic Nutrition

Certificate in Health & Wellness

Certificate in Yoga Training

Certificate in Weight Loss

Certificate in Meditation

Certificate in Mindfulness

Certificate in Fitness

Step-by-Step Programs:

Lean-The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution

Lean PRO-The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution

Shred-The Ultimate Fat-Loss Solution

Shred PRO-The Ultimate Fat-Loss Solution

Muscular-The Ultimate Muscle-Building Solution

Muscular PRO-The Ultimate Muscle-Building Solution

HIIT & Body Weight Training: A 4-Week Home Workout Program

Ultimate Tabata Training: Lose Weight, Build Muscle & Get Fit

0-20: Ultimate Fat-Loss Transformation Program

Your Membership will also give you access to:

ALL Resources comprise the following:

Master Manuals

Practice Quizzes


Final Exam (Unlimited Re-takes)

Unlimited PRO Support from our Team of Expert Fab Coaches.


An Internationally Accredited Certificate once you graduate. 

Bottom line, once you become a Member with us, you don't have to pay extra for anything else.